The warranty service is based on an invoice / delivery note issued by XISTORE.EU OÜ and an undamaged device with a serial number. If the serial number of the device is damaged or illegible, XISTORE.EU OÜ reserves the right to refuse free warranty repairs.
The product must be returned to the warranty or service center in its original set (if changes have been made to the set, this must be notified when the product is given under warranty).
The customer undertakes to remove the device within three (3) months of the completion of the work. If this term is exceeded, XISTORE.EU OÜ has the right to dispose of the device.
The warranty period is valid from the moment of delivery indicated on the invoice / delivery note. The purchase invoice must be kept, without which the manufacturer’s warranty is not valid.
Defects caused by the manufacturer’s fault usually take 2-3 weeks from the delivery of the product to the warranty service. If it turns out that the repair requires the delivery of parts from abroad, the waiting period will be extended to 45 days.
Warranty repairs are performed by EUDRL OÜ. The maintenance office is located at Lootsi 8, Lootsi Keskus, 10151 Tallinn. Contact phone is +37256278757 and Email: info@rcplanet.ee, www.rcplanet.ee
Delivery of computer equipment for warranty maintenance to and from EUDRL takes place at the Customer’s expense.
If it becomes impossible to repair the warranty device during the warranty period, the device will be replaced with an equivalent one under the warranty procedure or the customer will be provided with a store credit in the purchase amount.
Maintenance may reset the device software and delete all information and files on the device.

Consumable parts (batteries, CDs, etc.) and packaging and documentation;
Malfunctions and physical injuries caused by unintentional or intentional physical injury or by foreign objects, liquids, insects, excess dust, etc. by;
Malfunctions and physical injuries due to faulty electrical systems (lack of earth wire, etc.), power failure or mains voltage fluctuations;
Malfunctions and physical injuries caused by the use of non-original parts or unsuitable accessories;
Malfunctions caused by improper use of the equipment, non-compliance with the instructions for use (use of the product in abnormal environmental conditions).
Products whose appearance has been altered, which have been opened / repaired by a non-manufacturer-authorized service center, or which have had their warranty label removed / broken.

You have the right to exchange or return the goods ordered from the e-shop within 14 days. The returned product must be in its original packaging and unused.
The 2-year term for submission of a claim provided for in § 218 (2) of the LPA applies to the products sold.
The period for submitting a claim shall take effect from the date indicated on the accompanying document prepared at the time of delivery of the goods to the customer.

Stop using the device immediately.
Find the purchase invoice for the item.
If it’s a smart device, make sure all locks, passwords, fingerprint authorizations, etc. are removed from the device, and the device is unlinked from your user account. If this is not done, the device cannot be serviced!
Take the product to an authorized service center.

NB! XISTORE.EU OÜ does not undertake to buy back or exchange in working order products that the customer has bought from the store on site. The possibility and conditions of returning or exchanging a specific product are decided by the warranty department.

If a defect caused by the manufacturing process or the materials used is not found on the equipment brought for warranty repair, the customer may be charged a handling order handling fee of up to € 24.-. No charge shall be levied on the consumer for the first six months.