Terms and User Agreement of XISTORE.EU store.

Conditions. XISTORE.EU, registration number 16010029, (hereinafter the Seller) and the Client, who places an order in the XISTORE.EU store and identifies himself by indicating his personal data in the order (hereinafter the Client), have entered into this User Agreement.

1. Shop.

1.1. The store created by XISTORE.EU sells goods to the Client.

2. General provisions.

2.1. The contracting parties regulate their relations with each other in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia and with the store’s user agreement.

2.2. The seller can make changes to the services offered by the store at any time.

2.3. The service provider has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the User Agreement without obligatory notification of the client in writing by e-mail.

3. Goods and making a purchase.

3.1 The products displayed in the store are usually available in the XISTORE.EU warehouse or from partners. The availability of the store’s products may change due to technical issues in the warehouse or software problems in the online store.

3.2 If the product is out of stock and the order cannot be fulfilled, then the administrator of the online store contacts the Client and offers, if possible, a different delivery time, replacement for another product or a refund. In the latter case, the money is returned to the Client within 14 calendar days.

3.3 The photographs accompanying the product are for illustration only and may differ from the actual product. Descriptions / characteristics accompanying the product do not claim to be exhaustive and may contain typographical errors. For more information, please contact the service department.

3.4 The products offered in the store are sold to both individuals and legal entities.

3.5 The client confirms that his age is 15 years or more.

3.6 Having selected the desired product, the Client must fill in the required data (last name, first name, contact phone number, contact e-mail address, delivery address, postal code).

3.7 The customer must provide valid data when placing the order. The Seller is not responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the data provided by the Client and the consequences caused by this.

3.8 The sale is made only when the corresponding payment from the Customer arrives at the Seller’s account.

4. Prices.

4.1. Shop prices are presented in euros and include value added tax (VAT 20%).

4.2. The Seller has the right to change the prices presented in the store at any time. If the price of the goods in the online store has changed after placing the order and receiving payment from the Client, then the Seller is obliged to deliver according to the data of the completed order. The Client has no right to claim compensation for the difference in price.

5. Delivery time and terms of delivery.

5.1 The Client has the opportunity to choose between several delivery methods.

5.1.1 Goods are delivered to the Client by courier within Estonia and other Baltic countries.

5.2 If the Client chooses a courier service, then delivery takes place within 2-24 days. All parcels are insured until they are handed over to the Client.

5.3 Delivery of the ordered goods is made only to the Customer specified in the order upon presentation of an identity document: passport, ID card or driver’s license.

6. Withdrawal from the contract before the execution of the order by the Seller.

6.1 If the Client wishes to refuse a completed order after placing it, but before the execution of the order by the Seller, he must notify the Seller in writing as soon as possible. A written notification must be sent to the e-mail address tellimus@xistore.eu The notification must include the order number and contact information (name, surname, date of ordering, contact phone number).

6.2 If the statement of cancellation is received by the Seller after the order has been completed, then the cancellation of the contract occurs in accordance with the “Right of Return” section of this User Agreement.

6.3 The Seller returns the paid amount to the Client within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order cancellation notice.

6.4 The money is transferred to the same current account where it came from.

7. Right of Return.

7.1 For goods purchased in the online store, the right to return is valid within 14 days from the date of purchase. (Does not apply to legal entities)

7.2 The returned product must be unused, free of defects, fully assembled and in its original unopened packaging.

7.3 For the return of goods, a corresponding statement must be submitted by e-mail tellimus@xistore.eu

7.4 Upon return, you must provide the purchase receipt and, if required, the manufacturer’s warranty card.

7.5 When returning the goods, the money is transferred back within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods from the Client.

7.6 The money is transferred to the same account where the payment from the Client came from.

7.7 The shipping costs associated with the return are paid by the Client.

7.8 In the event that after the return of the goods it turns out that it does not comply with clauses 7.1. – 7.4. of this Terms of User Agreement, then the Client does not receive the money back, and the returned goods remain in his ownership. The costs associated with storing and returning the goods are borne by the Client.

7.9 In the event that the client has placed a pre-order for the product, then this product is non-refundable. Since the store, in turn, orders this product according to the needs of the client.

8. Procedure for submitting claims.

8.1. Products purchased from the online store are subject to a 2-year claim period in accordance with VÕS §218 p. 2.

8.2. Claims are processed in accordance with Appendix No. 1 to the User Agreement “XISTORE.EU Claims Processing Procedure”.

9. Personal data and their use.

9.1. The client gives his explicit consent to the Seller to use his personal data when processing the order.

9.2. The personal data that the Client enters when placing an order is entered into the register of Clients and is used to complete a trade transaction or perform a service.

9.3. The basis for entering personal data is the occurrence of an order when registering in the online store.

9.4. The personal data to be registered include: surname, name, street, house, apartment number, town, postal code, phone number, address, delivery method, agreement with this User Agreement.

9.5. The personal data of the Client is processed by XISTORE.EU, registration code 16010029.

9.6. The personal data of the Client necessary for the delivery of the goods are transferred to the courier service provider.

9.7. Personal data protection is ensured by all methods arising from the law.

9.8. The Seller undertakes not to transfer the personal data of registered Buyers to third parties.

9.9. The seller reserves the right, in cases provided by law, to transfer personal data to the relevant services, if this is done to protect the health, life or freedom of another person.

9.10. The Client has the right to control the presence / absence of personal data, as well as change, add or delete from the register.

9.11. The Client agrees to the Seller to send invoices and other necessary information to the e-mail address specified when placing the order.

9.12. The Client agrees to the Seller to send price offers to the e-mail address entered during the ordering process, if the corresponding item in the order window has been ticked.

10. Responsibility.

10.1. The seller is responsible for the value of the product. The seller is not responsible for any damage caused by a defective product, such as loss of sales or profit.

10.2. The client is obliged to use the services of the store exclusively within the framework of the law, not for malicious purposes.

10.3. The client is responsible for the safety of data when working with the software.

10.4. The Client is fully responsible in accordance with this User Agreement and the legislation in the event of damage caused by his own fault to the Seller or third parties when using the Online Store.

11. Discrepancies.

11.1. Any discrepancies between the Client and the Seller arising in the clauses of the Terms of Service are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia. If an agreement is not reached, the dispute is resolved in court.

12. Terms of use.

12.1. Familiarization with the terms of this User Agreement is mandatory for the Client

12.2. By ticking the box, when placing an order, the item “Yes, I agree with the terms and conditions”, the Client agrees that he is familiar with the terms of the User Agreement, understands and agrees with the terms of the Agreement for the use of the online store.



1. For the goods sold by XISTORE.EU, according to V -S § 218 p. 2, the established 2-year period for filing claims applies.

2. Concepts:

2.1. Expertise – finding out the presence and causes of a breakdown by the technical department of XISTORE.EU, a dealer company or a manufacturer of a specific product.

2.2. Independent examination – a fully paid examination by an independent expert carried out at the request of the Client if the Client is not satisfied with the results of the examination carried out by XISTORE.EU.

3. Claims may be made for deficiencies in design, performance and materials.

4. The period for making a claim starts from the date of purchase.

5. The basis for filing a claim is the sales document and, if required, the completed warranty card.

6. Claims can be submitted to the XISTORE.EU representative

7. The seller is not responsible for the following shortcomings:

7.1. Problems in the operation of the product, which are caused by accident or erroneous action on the part of the Client;

7.2. Problems in the operation of the device, which are caused by a change in technical properties by persons or a service that does not have the appropriate certification from the manufacturer of the product;

7.3. Problems caused by ignoring the instructions for the product;

7.4. Problems in the operation of the product, which are caused by the use in non-intended environmental conditions.

7.5. Problems in the operation of the product, which are caused by force majeure.

7.6. Problems caused by connecting to an inappropriate power supply.

7.7. Problems that are caused by electrical damage from being combined with other devices.

7.8. Damage to the drone caused by the Customer ignoring the parameters of the drone components indicated by the manufacturer.

7.9. Defects if the serial numbers, control or marking stickers on products and parts are damaged, altered or removed.

8. XISTORE.EU is not responding:

8.1. For the safety of data on devices brought in for repair.

8.2. For the remaining uncorrected defects if they were found out during the repair or if the Client did not notify them at the time of transfer of the product for repair.

9. If the product brought in for repair has not been used in accordance with the terms of use, then the right to make claims does not apply and XISTORE.EU, with the consent of the Client, will repair the product in accordance with the current price list.

10. Claims should be submitted in writing, in the state language and, if possible, with a clear description of the flaws.

11. A claim is not subject to resolution if XISTORE.EU certifies that the presented defects have arisen through the fault of the Client.

12. XISTORE.EU is obliged, in case of disagreement about the causes of defects in the product, to make an examination within 6 months from the date of sale of the product. If the examination shows that the flaw appeared due to the fault of the Client, and the Client does not agree with this, then the Client has the right to demand an independent examination. If the independent examination shows that the flaw appeared due to the fault of the Client, then the Client pays the costs of the independent examination.

13. If the Client makes a claim 6 months after the date of purchase, and during the repair it turns out that the product is free from defects, the costs incurred are covered by the Client in accordance with the current price list.

14. If the goods cannot be repaired based on the submitted claim, or the production of this product is discontinued, then XISTORE.EU has the right, with the consent of the Client, to make an equivalent replacement of the goods.

Agreement of the terms of use of the XISTORE.EU store

Valid from 07.12.2020

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